My Experience

Over the past 20 years, i have gained experience in a wide range of industries and hundreds of digital transformation and product development projects. Following are some of the areas of my experience

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I bring you 12 Years of experience in working with businesses within the construction industry with their digital transformation, mobile & web application development, customer generation and business process optimisation initiatives.

Recommender systems are utilised in a variety of areas and are most commonly recognised as playlist generators for video and music services like Netflix, YouTube and Spotify, product recommenders for services such as Amazon, or content recommenders for social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. I bring years of experience working on products and platforms with smart recommendation engines.

Based on your size, business goals, and operational protocols, I can help pick the right platform and tech stack with my 15 years of rich experience with commerce platforms includes Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Volusion, Insitesoft, Netsuite and enterprise-grade platforms like SAP Hybris, SalesForce Commerce Cloud.

I have over 10 years of working on govrnment projects, may it be for the departnement of health, education, police, council, etc. Most of my experience has been in the area of digital transformation and software development.I am very versed with the processes and quality standards and success factors that needs to be maintained on every project.

Digital marketplace apps help buyers and sellers to connect and interact more easily than ever. For online shoppers, web and mobile apps make discovering products, placing orders, and tracking packages really simple. For sellers, apps help manage their services and goods more effectively. I accompany my clients on this exciting journey.

My software platform and custom development allow healthcare institutions to create comprehensive cross-platform solutions that ensure positive patient experiences and streamlined workflows. From easy scheduling and navigation with a branded app to asset management and Big Data — my solutions can digitalise any operation in a medical organisation.

I have been involved in a number of social product development engagements ranging from dating platforms and neiche social networks. I bring a fresh prospective to such projects with my wide range of experience across industries and technical know-how about scalable architecture and winning user experience design needed to make such platforms successful.

I provide consulting services to empower organisations to define and implement long-term, sustainable digital strategies. Pre-launch activities, development best practices, user acquisition and retention, product and feature roadmapping, and continuous delivery models are just a few of the areas I focus on.

While real estate as an asset class is relatively liquid, Realestate Tech facilitates a new level of responsiveness to economic, cultural, environmental and demographic change. This means that digital transformation can now mark the difference between success and failure, in a world where margins are ever tighter, and late cycle economics squeeze developed markets.

Project Discovery Workshop

Discover how big your market is and how to capture it by scaling your business, optimise your business processes and disrupt your industry with innovative products and services.