My Beliefs

I believein the convergence of humans and computers

I believe that a third wave of technological innovation has started which  features machines that don’t just help us do or think – they are becoming us.

The technological singularity, which is nearer than we think, is a hypothetical future point in time when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilisation. 

This intelligence explosion is a possible outcome of humanity building artificial general intelligence (AGI). I believe that AGI would be capable of recursive self-improvement, leading to the rapid emergence of artificial superintelligence (ASI), the limits of which are unknown, but the most revolutional to humanity.

AI Future

I believe inpioneers with outsized ambitions

I believe in people with grand plans. Who think big. Who are fearless and determined. Entrepreneurs who want to build formidable enterprises on a global scale. Founders who see way beyond personal financial gains. Individuals on a mission to create an extraordinary future.

These pioneers are rare. They can come in different forms, from every educational and personal background. That’s why I constantly seeking them out – and when I find them, I commit to working tirelessly with them.

I believe inengineering serendipity

As entrepreneurs and founder of multiple ventures myself, I know that building a business is not a linear journey. Sometimes, it is serendipitous meetings that spark game-changing inspiration. It is a question of being in the right place at the right time.

To leave these moments to chance is to waste the power of possibilities. I believe that serendipity can be engineered. That’s why I am committed to nurturing a community founded on networking. I work on growing my extensive network to connect my clients with mentors, board members, customers and new friends in ever-deeper, mutually beneficial ways. All to tip the odds in favour of the purpose and companies who I serve.

engineering serendipity

I believe increating an unfair advantage

Me and my clients share a deep desire to win. That’s why I are driven to give my clients advantages their competition cannot match.

Every day, I draw on my and my network’s expertise: years of deep expertise, hundreds of successful projects and our personal experiences. By deploying maximum resources – from helping find the best talent to advising on global expansion – I seek to create an unfair winning advantage for the purpose and clients I serve.

I believe inthe power of ethics

I don’t see ethics as an impediment to success. On the contrary, I believe an ethical core is a critical element of every great company or initiative. Ethical decision making, practiced at all levels, creates more sustainable practices, better financial outcomes, and stronger organisations. I seek clients and partners who share this same belief.

I am dedicated to winning, but never to winning at any cost. This means I am committed to behaving with the utmost integrity with everyone. Every day, I will challenge myself to improve not just what I do but how I do it.

     of ethics